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Deep Packet Inspection in Telecommunication

  • 4 min read

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a technology that enables the network owner to analyse internet traffic, through the network, in real-time and to differentiate them according to their payload. DPI is often used for understanding the performance or behaviour of subscribers, which applications they use, how often etc. This helps operators to focus on improving service for important applications. For instance, video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, etc consume a lot of bandwidth. DPI can be used to limit this.

DPI facilitates analyzing and managing IP traffic and securing IP networks in real-time by providing network visibility and real-time application awareness. Besides influencing bandwidth and traffic management decisions, DPI can provide insights into:

  • Network Security
  • Network Management
  • Network and Subscriber Analysis
  • Content Regulation
  • Targeted Advertisement
  • Application Distribution and Load Balancing
DPI Applications

There are generally two different main applications for DPI:

  1. Analytics – In this application, the DPI engine can decode the full traffic and produce results in DB format for analytics purpose. This is only possible on CPU based units like (EXA8 / EXA24160 / EXA40 and so on). Since every packet has to be handled, it is a big effort in terms of CPU load and data output.
  2. Tagging/filtering/blocking – This application resonates with Cubro approach. With this approach, the user can remove an unwanted application type from the monitoring. Most common is to remove all video streaming services because it is not relevant for monitoring. The same application is for blocking certain applications or sending certain traffic to a special monitoring device. In this case, it is not needed to do a full decode because sampling gives a similar result but with much less effort. Cubro supports up to 4000 signatures.
Analytics Application up to multiple TB

Cubro offers blocking application on 10Gbit traffic using EXA8 and EX2. The EXA8 in combination with the EX2 can also be used to block applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Youtube, etc. We currently support up to 4000 signatures and applications. The traffic passes EX2 which performs a special sampling method to feed the EXA8 with traffic. The DPI engine on EXA8 decodes the traffic and configures the drop rules on EX2.
For more details on DPI solution offered by Cubro click here:

Advantages of Cubro DPI

Cubro DPI introduces intelligence into the internet network. Unlike most other vendors, Cubro’s DPI approach includes bypass and application blocking which can enable Internet Service Providers to effectively monitor, speed up, filter, block and make any other useful decision about the traffic of the users.

  • Gain the business intelligence to tackle the 5G challenge
  • Ensure a lower TCO for the network
  • Maintain high levels of network performance
  • Enhance the overall QoS
About Cubro Network Visibility

Cubro is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of IT network visibility products that provide network monitoring, analytics and security visibility. Cubro solutions are available for Service Providers and Enterprise networks. The reason for our continued success over the last 17 years is that we provide business advantage to our customers by continually developing innovative solutions that address contemporary IT operational challenges. This is achieved by our own design and manufacturing with specific focus on customers’ challenges ensuring that Cubro addresses future demands rapidly. Cubro products are easy to budget for with no hidden fees, easy to implement, expand and to manage independently or centrally by a common, central management system. Cubro prides itself for excellent support that helps our customers to take full advantage of the Cubro solutions for years to come.
The company has offices in EMEA (head office), APAC, Japan and North America. Cubro has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. For more information, check our website