The EXA48600 series Network Packet Broker is an advanced network packet broker offering filtering capabilities beyond OSI Layer 4. The EXA48600 is part of the Fifth Generation (G5) network packet brokers from Cubro. The architecture in these devices is a programmable switching fabric that offers unparalleled performance and throughput for extremely high-bandwidth installations.

The EXA48600 features 48 x 1 or 10G SFP+ and 6 x 40/100G QSFP interfaces. The Advanced G5 Packetmasters support breakout cables on the QSFP ports to individual 4 x 1/10/25G providing an extensive and flexible level of connectivity.

Features EXA48600

  • GRE termination
  • Traffic aggregation + replication
  • L2 - L5 traffic filtering
  • L2 - 5 header modification
  • Filter on inner headers of encapsulated traffic
  • GTP header stripping
  • GTP inner IP hashing
  • GTP inner IP dual-stack support
  • VLAN add/remove/modify
  • Multiple MPLS tag removal
  • Session-aware load balancing
  • Packet slicing
  • Supports IPV4 and IPV6
  • Non-blocking backplane
  • TX and RX of QSFPs operate independently
  • Web GUI
  • CLI

The EXA48600 is ideal in environments where tools need access to links spanning bandwidth capabilities from 1G to 100G. QSFP ports capable of up to 100G speeds also provide the option to create a high-bandwidth backbone between Packet Brokers or backhaul to, and from, remote sites. The high port density, session-aware load balancing, and tens of thousands of filtering rules at the users disposal combine to make the EXA48600 a device which can support large amounts of monitoring and security appliances and the unique architecture of the device means that performance is never compromised regardless of complexity and features used.

Specifications EXA48600

  • 48 X 1/10G SFP+ ports
  • 6 X 40/100G QSFP*
  • 1 X 10/100/1000 management interface
  • 1 X Serial console interface
  • Dual redundant PSUs (DC options available)


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