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Why network visibility is critical for security

  • 3 min read

You can only secure what you can see

Every business wants to protect its network and the privacy of their company and customers. Data breaches not only result in loss of revenue but can also negatively impact reputation and share value. Due to the ongoing increase in cybercrime, network visibility has become even more important for network teams and security teams to help them identify and resolve security challenges by providing them with a full view of all network traffic from all network domains.

The growing complexity of enterprise networks has created a need for more effective solutions to remove network blind spots. Companies look for cost-efficient solutions that cater to their specific needs of providing high port density, agility, security, scalability and network visibility.

Preventing failures is much more effective than repairing them especially when it involves providing a reliable and secure data environment to the customers. Advanced Network Packet Brokers are able to increase security posture by removing network blind spots from each network domain while improving the effectiveness of security tools. A network packet broker sends only relevant network traffic to network security tools and only when it is needed to reduce the amount of traffic that needs to be analysed by the tool so that they can operate more quickly and effectively. In turn, the price of the security tools is reduced and ROI increased.

Omnia for enhanced visibility & security

Omnia, the latest network visibility device from Cubro, can be configured as a network security appliance with an integrated network TAP and Packet Broker by installing the appropriate software application.

Omnia 10
Omnia 10

Recently, an enterprise customer installed Zeek and Snort software on the Omnia 10 to gain more control of the network. Zeek is a security monitoring software and Snort is Intrusion Prevention/Detection software. In this scenario, the Omnia 10 provides the network TAP, captures network traffic packets and sends the packets to the Zeek and Snort application to carry out their security functions. The customer was able to safeguard the network by being able to see the entire traffic and use the sophisticated security software on the same device.

Another advantage of using Omnia was its advanced network packet broker features which can filter network traffic to reduce the loading to network security appliances, such as Firewalls, IPS, and IDS,  which means they function more effectively and extend their life span.

As a result, instead of adding additional tools which lead to higher costs, added hours of configuration time and additional management complexities; the customer was able to secure their network and reduce business risk caused by traffic blindness. In the modern network landscape, the role of netops and secops is merging and with Omnia it is possible to achieve this successfully.

About Cubro

Cubro is among the leading vendors of TAPs and Advanced Network Packet Brokers (ANPBs) and partner of the world’s largest telecommunication and enterprises with installations on all continents. Our mission is to provide simple, flexible and reliable network visibility solutions to our customers. We successfully tailor our products to meet the exact requirements of the customers and offer excellent technical support at all stages.