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The cutting-edge technology in Cubro’s newest Network Packet Brokers

  • 3 min read
Cubro’s newest network packet brokers (G5) can support layer 2 until layer 5. The Cubro G5 network packet brokers EXA32100 and EXA48600 are the only units on the market which can do load balancing on GTP traffic in silicon. EXA32100 and EXA48600 can load balance on the inner IP 5 tuple, and the GTP tunnel header can be removed if needed. This feature is possible in hardware which makes the performance very high (we have tested 500 Gbit/sec without any issue). EXA32100 can help to offload the Sessionmaster and other devices.
Advanced Functions:
  • GTP load balancing
  • GTP Inner IP range filtering
  • Massive two-tier load balancing
  • DPI-based load balancing

Main Features:

  • Layer 2 to layer 5 support
  • No port restrictions
  • No blocked third-party optical modules
  • GTP inner IP hashing (symmetric and asymmetric) and filtering
  • GTP inner IP dual stack support
  • Up to 60 ports per load balancing group
  • High-end host controller
  • Thousands of rules (8000 in IPv4 and 4000 in IPv6 full 5 tuple)
  • P4 language support advanced protocol detection language
  • 24MB memory for bursting protection
  • No packet loss (tested)
  • SerDes tuning for third-party optical modules
  • Open API
  • No extra cost for a port license
  • No extra cost for software
  • Low support cost

Most performant host controller

The design of this packet pusher appliance consists of two major parts – the switching chip and the host controller. The host controller holds the web application, the CLI and the control function of the switching chip. The performance of the host controller is important in higher layer, especially where support from classical CPU is needed.
The highlighting features include ARM multi-core CPU, 64GB Memory and M.2 SSD/HDD up to 2TB. We can capture traffic and store it on the SSD.
Cubro Sonic Software Design
The future of the EXA32100 will be SONiC as Network-on-Chip Solution (NoC) based on Ubuntu Linux for easy software development.