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Top 3 reasons to deploy Cubro’s OPTOSLIM Network TAPs

  • 3 min read

Recently our team deployed OPTOSLIM Network TAPs at a communication service provider in South East Asia. The customer wanted a solution which could passively monitor a network link. Network TAPs are the first step towards network visibility. These TAPs copy the traffic for monitoring, security, and analysis without obstructing the traffic.

There are several network TAPs available in the market. However, the customer preferred to deploy Cubro OPTOSLIM network TAPs because our network TAPs addressed the top three pain points of the network engineers. Find out how our solution was the ideal solution for the service provider.

High port density – Saving space in the industrial rack unit (U) is the topmost priority because every U is expensive. Cubro OPTOSLIM TAPs come with high port density. In one U, the user can deploy three TAPs with 24 links which means that price to tapping one link is lower compared to other TAPs available in the market.

Power consumption – Measuring and monitoring power usage is another concern of network engineers. Cubro OPTOSLIM TAPs are entirely passive and do not consume power. They are safe for long-term deployment of critical infrastructure links.

Cabling issue – Improper cabling results in most TAP failures. It is essential to ensure the right cables are plugged into each port. Cubro OPTOSLIM TAPs are very well structured with different colours. The varying colours make it easier for the user to do wiring and it ensures there is no mistake in finding which link is going to which monitor.

We can guarantee the unparalleled quality of Cubro’s OPTOSLIM TAPs because they are developed in-house at our lab in Austria/Europe. Our goal is to deliver 100% functional, and high-performance products to our customers, and therefore the hardware development team, under the supervision of the CTO-Hardware Development, thoroughly tests the product.

Cubro Network Visibility offers solutions that deliver high ROI, cutting-edge features, and exceptional reliability. Our customers experience the full value of network visibility providing them with the insights they need to be confident about their network architecture and performance. Our network visibility products offer reliable and scalable solutions through applications like monitoring, filtering, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved network performance.

Customer Testimony

Cubro’s OPTOSLIM TAPs come with the high-port density form factor that no one else has. We preferred to deploy them because of their high quality and the fair pricing.