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Tackling security monitoring in high-speed networks 100/400G with Cubro Visibility Solutions

  • 4 min read

As organizations move towards higher-speed networks like 100/400G, they often encounter unexpected hurdles when it comes to security monitoring. The need for faster data transmission clashes with the limitations of existing tools, leaving them ineffective and struggling to keep up. In this blog, we will explore the challenges faced in security monitoring for high-speed networks and highlight how Cubro’s visibility solutions can help organizations overcome these obstacles.

Exponential growth of network bandwidth

Traditional methods may falter under the immense data volume and bandwidth. Cubro’s visibility solutions offer Smart Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) that can aggregate, filter, and distribute network traffic effectively, ensuring that the right data reaches the right tools without overwhelming them. As the industry’s first of its kind, Cubro’s 32 port 400G NPB – EXA32400 helps customers to have visibility in high-speed and bandwidth networks.

Complexity with overlay networks and network architectures: VXLAN, VNI, Leaf and Spine architecture, East-West traffic

Modern high-speed networks introduce VXLAN and other encapsulation methods, Leaf and Spine architectures, and the challenge of capturing East-West traffic. These methods and architectures can hinder visibility and make it challenging to monitor and secure the network effectively. Cubro addresses these challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Tofino and P4, that enable efficient monitoring and analysis of high-speed networks. Tofino ASIC with P4 programmability allows the NPB to have more features with higher performance.

Scaling for Bigger Office and Campus Networks and BYOD 

As organizations expand their office or campus networks and accommodate the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, the demand for robust visibility solutions increases. Cubro’s visibility solutions can seamlessly scale to accommodate small to large networks and handle the diverse traffic generated by numerous devices, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and enhanced security.

Avoiding overload of Security and SIEM systems 

Today’s data volumes set challenges for analytics systems, whether they are real-time or not. Dimensioning solutions to handle all incoming data increases costs dramatically. Cubro helps customers by providing optimised Netflix/IPFIX flows, using application detection and filtering that allows sending only required application data for analysis, highly efficient CDR generation reduces data volumes dramatically, and Cubro’s WireShark type of troubleshooting tool helps to focus on areas that need extra attention. These tools reduce the data volumes, thus lowering investments without losing low-level visibility. If security systems are set up inline, Cubro provides bypass switches that ensure that network traffic is interrupted even in case of equipment failure.

Technology Partnerships to Enhance Monitoring Capabilities

Cubro understands the importance of collaboration and partnerships to deliver comprehensive solutions. We have established strong alliances with leading technology partners like Fortinet, ExtraHop, Trellix and others, allowing us to enhance monitoring capabilities and provide end-to-end visibility for high-bandwidth networks. Together, we offer an integrated approach to security monitoring, leveraging the strengths of multiple tools and technologies.


In the era of 100G and 400G networks, organizations need reliable and efficient visibility solutions to ensure effective security monitoring. Cubro’s visibility solutions, powered by Smart NPBs and cutting-edge technologies, enable organizations to overcome data delivery challenges, tackle complexity, scale for larger networks, and leverage strategic partnerships. With Cubro by your side, you can embrace the need for speed without compromising security.

To learn more about how Cubro can help you tackle security monitoring in high-speed and high-bandwidth networks, reach out to us today or visit our website,