21. August 2018

Is Data Masking Relevant Today?

Additional features are typically used in any industry as a means to give a product more apparent value but, of course, for a much higher price. […]
16. August 2018

Coming to a Crossroad – Visibility Nightmare in Modern Data Centers

With better insight, you can set up a cloud environment that's fully efficient and optimized for business requirements. The end goal of any data centre is to maintain excellent reliability, security and stability for users …
7. August 2018

How to select the right network packet broker vendor

Cubro's G5 network packet brokers offer superior performance at the same price as any other network packet broker and offer loads of advanced features which are not available on any network packet brokers in the market …
2. August 2018

New Labels for Easy Deployment of OPTOSLIM TAPs with LC Connectors

New Labels for Easy Deployment of OPTOSLIM TAPs with LC Connectors
The new informative label would help the installation team of engineers to install the OPTOSLIM TAPs without any issues …
31. July 2018

Metadata is the key to the big data

Metadata is the key to the big data
The business goal of every communication service provider (CSP) is to monetise infrastructure investments, improve the customer experience and develop business models which would enable them to generate additional revenue …
24. July 2018

Advanced Network Packet Brokers for L7 Application

Network Packet Brokers aggregate and filter data to monitoring tools. A reliable, high-performance network packet broker can perform thousands of filters without performance leaks. Most of the fields up to the layer 4 header can be used as a filter match…
17. July 2018

Network Visibility for Data Centers

All businesses that need monitoring require the deployment of a specialised Intelligent Network Packet Monitoring solution, a Network Packet Broker (NPB). Cubro's Sessionmaster offers the ability to monitor network-only functions, as well as to monitor …
11. July 2018

Best practices to protect your VoIP network

Best practices to protect your VoIP network - EXA40(D) & EXA24160A are the next generation network packet brokers from Cubro supporting higher layer functionality based on sessions. EXA40(D) and EXA24160 can handle up to 100K rules in parallel…
29. June 2018

How network visibility increased the performance of an enterprise

Data Center of a leading Utility Company in Austria faced the challenge to aggregate traffic in high bandwidth and streamline traffic to the monitoring tool for detection of malicious behaviour and potential threats …
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