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Network Visibility is Insurance for your Network

  • 3 min read
By Derek Burke (

Risk Management is a fundamental component of running a business. Without comprehensive strategies for identifying and mitigating potential causes of monetary loss a company can unknowingly lose untold amounts of revenue that can seriously cripple the growth of the business, or in the worst case, lead to financial ruin. To this end, corporations expend vast resources to protect themselves against unnecessary losses through a variety of means.

Protecting the corporate network

Network visibility for your digital data and communications

We rely on cameras and guards to keep a watchful eye over sensitive areas and valuable property. Gates, fences, and locks are counted upon to prevent unauthorized access while security and fire control systems are ready to contact emergency services or snuff out an errant ember. Scrupulous records are maintained for inventory, accounting, and asset management purposes. If all of that was not enough, insurance policies are purchased just in case any of these safeguards fail or some natural disaster strikes; while these policies are expensive, the cost pales in comparison to the consequences of being without one when it is needed. Given the lengths companies go to protect tangible assets though, can we be sure that the corporate network is provided with the same level of consideration?

Network Visibility and Monitoring is the insurance policy for your digital data and communications. In fact, a comprehensive Visibility and Monitoring infrastructure enables analogous risk management and loss mitigation controls for the corporate network as the corporate premises. TAPs, the foundation of Network Visibility, allow all network traffic to be inspected so nothing remains hidden from view. Additionally, exact duplicate network traffic can be captured and recorded to maintain a forensically sound record of all network activity.

Boosting the effectiveness of monitoring and security appliances

Network Packet Brokers further sort, filter, duplicate and direct traffic to monitoring tools, acting much like physical security controls they can even work in tandem with traffic inspection tools to block malicious traffic at the network border. These visibility tools boost the effectiveness of network monitoring and security appliances such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, and Threat Hunting Platforms that act as virtual security guards across the network. Ransomware, data leaks, and loss of Intellectual Property are becoming extremely costly events for businesses and are occurring at a rapidly increasing pace.

A proper network visibility platform offers network security tools the best capabilities for detecting and remediating these events before they cause significant damage. This level of visibility also ensures accurate device detection and inventory as any devices on the network can easily be monitored; old, forgotten systems and any unauthorized devices are easily found. The infrastructure that is failing and critical systems that are underperforming can be identified before they can cause outages.

Every minute a critical network service, or the network itself, is down which results in lost revenue. Cubro’s line of Network Visibility and Monitoring products create the foundation for the same level of protection and risk mitigation that your company’s physical assets enjoy. The investment in a visibility infrastructure is an insurance policy for your corporate network activity that will pay dividends when it is needed most.