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Discover what’s new in Custos

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Cubro has recently released new features and enhancements to its network monitoring software – Custos. Custos, developed by Cubro, is an embedded monitoring software option for Cubro’s Omnia products that addresses the challenges that companies with limited IT resources face. Custos can identify suspicious devices and network activity, malfunctioning hardware, connection issues, as well as underperforming services, and advise of methods to remediate the issues through an organized, easily understood dashboard using plain, non-technical language. Custos can supplement and complement your IT team by identifying actionable items and potential issues before they become costly problems.

What’s new in Custos?

The latest update to Cubro’s Custos, an embedded monitoring software, implements the functionality previously found in the Omnia10 Tapping and Aggregation software directly into its sleek, modern interface. Users can now enable unidirectional or bidirectional tapping of network links and selectively aggregate traffic to either of the two 10 Gbps outputs directly from an intuitive “drag and drop” configuration screen. Of course, users can still control which traffic is copied to Custos for analysis and inspection while forwarding aggregated traffic to security and monitoring tools. A new screen for port statistics also provides a way to easily monitor the overall utilization and throughput of the physical links.

Aggregation and Tapping
Image shows Custos IPFIX and DPI enriched exporter

This software update also provides the capability to forward data generated from Custos’ Deep Packet Inspection engine directly to third-party tools and applications, or alternatively, IPFIX records enriched with application and protocol information can be created and sent to a collector. This makes Omnia with Custos an excellent option to deploy as a network sensor in a distributed, or multi-location, installation to achieve comprehensive monitoring of network activity.
The Omnia10 can be installed either inline on active links with the built-in, fail-safe TAPs or out-of-band, collecting traffic from SPAN and mirror ports, providing flexibility for a variety of environments and deployment strategies.

Custos also has Rolling Capture ring buffer that makes it easy to capture packets and later analyze them. This feature makes it possible for Custos to automatically index recorded traffic and display relevant information such as protocols, IP addresses, and ports dynamically tied to the selected time range. An integrated Webshark interface provides immediate traffic analysis directly within Custos or PCAPs can be downloaded directly to a local device for analysis. This feature serves a number of investigative purposes like investigating threat alerts and remediating security incidents.

Custos – Capture

Learn more about Custos here.