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Cubro joins Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem

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Optimal Performance and Enhanced ROI with Cubro and Fortinet

Cubro, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of IT network visibility products, has recently joined Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem supporting Fortinet’s mission to deliver cybersecurity solutions designed to provide broad visibility and automation for end-to-end security of the digital attack surface through its integrated Fortinet Security Fabric platform.

The integration of the Cubro EX400 Advanced Bypass Switch product and Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation firewall and Secure SD-WAN, enabled through the Fabric-Ready Program in the Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem, delivers high availability, load balancing, and enhanced serviceability for the Fortinet in-line security infrastructure across branch offices and network datacenters.

Security for new cellular networks (Private LTE/5G, Industrial IOT, and non-traditional networks) based on new spectrum must be “Always-On” but also secure. FortiGate and FortiWeb appliances provide advanced in-line protection for the network infrastructure and applications.

Cubro’s EX400 Advanced Bypass Switches provide redundancy and high-availability, and enhanced serviceability of the Fortinet appliances.

Cubro is very excited to be part of the Fortinet technology ecosystem. Our joint solutions provide enhanced functionality and serviceability to Fortinet’s customers, demonstrating Cubro’s “Better Together” approach to partners. We look forward to developing further initiatives as part of the Open Fabric Ecosystem and adding value for both Fortinet and joint customers.

David Burns, Vice President of Strategic Alliance – Cubro.
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