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Cubro achieves integration with McAfee Enterprise Network Security Platform

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Integrated Solutions Deliver Enhanced Security Capabilities to Simplify Threat Defence Lifecycle for Customers 

12.08.2021 – Cubro announced today that it has achieved technical integration of their Omnia Advanced Network Packet Broker product range with McAfee Enterprise’s Network Security Platform, enabling customers to deploy more robust security solutions and better protect their assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.

As a member of the McAfee Enterprise Security Innovation Alliance, Cubro helps to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments. This approach offers better value and more protection against the growing threat landscape to joint customers. Through this partnership, Cubro and McAfee Enterprise address a rising industry need to shorten response times from security events and more easily remediate compromised systems, leading to a simplified Threat Defense Lifecycle.

According to Hakan Holmgren, Cubro’s Vice President for Strategic Alliances, “Cubro is delighted and excited to be a member of McAfee Enterprise’s Security Innovation Alliance. Our network visibility solutions integrated with McAfee Enterprise’s security solutions deliver significant added value by helping customers to reduce the time taken to identify and mitigate threats while reducing operational costs. Integrated Omnia and Network Security Platform solutions strengthen customers’ defence lifecycle by building a co-ordinated unified defence, reducing complexity, improving operational efficiency and accelerating innovation”.

Cubro’s solutions help customers to improve IT services, manage costs, and improve IT operational flexibility by improving security posture, network performance and business continuity.

Cubro’s Omnia Advanced Network Packet Broker integrates with McAfee Enterprise’s Network Security Platform by replicating, aggregating and filtering network traffic collected from network TAPs and SPAN ports. The filtered traffic is then passed to Network Security Platform for intrusion prevention and detection analysis.  The joint solution removes network blind spots, reduces the time taken to analyse the traffic and extends the lifespan and ROI of the Network Security Platform solution. The filtered traffic can be load balanced across multiple Network Security Platform devices to maintain business continuity in the event of a scheduled or unscheduled Network Security Platform service outage.

”By implementing products that are compatible with McAfee Enterprise security solutions, our customers experience faster deployment times and reduced costs,” said Javed Hasan, Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances, McAfee Enterprise. “Security should be easy to manage, so McAfee Enterprise has taken the steps needed to open up its security risk management architecture and provide customers with the tools to easily manage their multi-vendor security environments. The result is greater protection, reduced risk and increased compliance.”

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About Cubro
Cubro is a leading vendor of network visibility solutions that include virtual and physical network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Bypass Switches and Network Probes, which are deployed by Service Providers and private and public sector Enterprises worldwide.

Our products remove network ‘blind spots’ to ensure all relevant network traffic is available for security analysis, filter out unnecessary network traffic not required for analysis, and provide High Availability capabilities for security solutions. Cubro’s solutions improve security posture while reducing costs by increasing the effectiveness and lifecycle of network security devices, improving business continuity, and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership while increasing the Return on Investment of security solutions.

The company was founded in 2003 in Vienna, Austria. Cubro has a global presence with offices in multiple geographic locations to serve our customers across different time zones. We have offices in EMEA (Head Office), APAC, Japan and North America. Cubro has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. For more information, check our website

To download the joint solution brief, click here Joint Solution Brief.