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5 ways network visibility will impact enterprises

  • 2 min read

External Security
With every kind of new technology there are inherent security risks. Enterprises face risks of malware hacking, spams, viruses, etc. These security issues are the biggest threats. Network visibility can help enterprises to sift through the traffic and detect these threats. Deep visibility into content in real time can help enterprises to prevent such intrusions. ​

Internal Security
An enterprise cannot underestimate the value of its intellectual property. Sometimes the employees steal this intellectual property for either personal gains or to get competitive advantage. Network visibility can help enterprises identify suspicious communication and implement security measures to prevent this issue. ​

Internal fraud by “bad guys” is another prevalent issue and will also impact the enterprises in future. For instance, how can an organization prevent someone from using company resources for personal business or from stealing financial data when the person has access to the password. An indepth visibility into the internal network can certainly detect and prevent such frauds. The other threats that loom the enterprise level network team are external frauds like hacking the VOIP and IP PBX. These external frauds can cost multi billion dollars to enterprises. ​

Internal network performance
Network performance is vital to get the most out of the employees and network visibility is essential for maintaining application performance. Complete network visibility can avoid employee complaints and lack of performance of applications. Faster and reliable network can maximize employee productivity. ​

SLA to third party providers
Enterprises are customers of data centers or service providers and have SLA to these third party providers that define what services the provider will offer and the level of performance it must meet. Network visibility can help enterprises to check the performance and measure SLA to third party providers for which they have paid. ​