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1 nano second timestamping for EXA32100A/EXA64100 Network Packet Brokers

  • 2 min read

We proudly announce that our flagship G5plus family of high-speed 100G Network Packet Brokers has been further enhanced. With the new software release, the EXA32100A/EXA64100 Network Packet Brokers allow adding 8-byte timestamp information to arriving packets. This 8-byte timestamp information allows to include exact Time of Day down to 1 nanosecond resolution for every arriving packet. Time of Day precision is not available with 6 Byte timestamping.

Our enhanced 8-byte timestamping feature on the EXA32100A/EXA64100 Network Packet Brokers offers benefits not only for monitoring and troubleshooting but also for compliance and reporting.

Monitoring and troubleshooting: Timestamps help in analyzing network performance and identifying issues. The precision of a 1ns timestamp is beneficial when dealing with high-speed networks, as it allows for higher-resolution timing analysis.

Compliance and Reporting: Timestamps can be essential for regulatory compliance and auditing purposes, as they provide reliable evidence at which time a packet has arrived.

This enhancement significantly benefits the financial sector, where precision and accuracy are paramount. With the 8-byte timestamping feature, financial institutions can ensure that all transactions are timestamped correctly when stored in their database. This level of accuracy is crucial for auditing, compliance, and maintaining the integrity of financial data.

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