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    Save Costs Of Monitoring Tools With Packet Slicing At 100 Gbit Line Rate

    The Challenge

    The increases in network speeds requires tools which can keep pace with changing requirements and make the data centre highly reliable. The network visibility tools need to provide real-time accurate analysis for the network management and operations team.

    The Solution Involves Dealing With Two Issues:

    Challenge 1: Aggregation at high bandwidth

    Challenge 2: The possibility to do packet slicing, tagging, and VXLAN removal in multiples of 100 Gbit at line rate.

    The Solution From Cubro

    Packet slicing: Packet slicing is the only way to reduce costs on the monitoring devices because a full bandwidth monitoring solution at that scale is outside of any budget.

    VXLAN removal: The feature VXLAN removal reduces output bandwidth to the tool and most monitoring tools cannot handle VXLAN encapsulated traffic in any case.

    VLAN tagging: VLAN tagging is done because the customer wants reports based on individual links.

    The advantage of packet slicing is the drastic reduction of the traffic load. Consider a typical 100 Gbit link at 80% utilization with an average packet size of 1000 bytes that can transport 12 million packets per second. If you now slice the packet at 100 bytes, which is sufficient information for typical network monitoring, you can transport 111 million packets on a 100 Gbit port and 44 million packets on a 40 Gbit port. This is a factor 4 or 10 increase in terms of load and price for the monitoring tools.