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Case Study

Case Study: LI Solution with Cubro Probe


This is a case study of a European defense and security organization which uses Cubro products and solutions. The name of the organization is not mentioned due to the confidentiality agreement.

Gain end-to-end network visibility

This security agency requires real-time awareness and an understanding of all data traversing the network. The increased traffic and lack of network visibility is a big challenge and makes it difficult to perform well. A thorough understanding of the behaviour of the entire network is crucial to pinpoint any abnormal activity and detect unauthorized or suspicious application activity. And meanwhile, the organization cannot afford to lose sensitive data. Therefore, the organization was looking for the right tools which would provide both application-level awareness and rich network session details.

Technical Solution from Cubro

The organization deployed Cubro products to solves these challenges. Cubro’s portfolio solutions in the Lawful Interception field include probes which can be conveniently customized to enable the organization to implement the Lawful Interception of content according to the specific requirements.

Cubro’s probe captures full Layer 2 through 7 packet header and payloads from each session for a complete record of network activity. The probe utilizes on-board network processors, which are highly optimized CPU‘s that allow the probe to easily handle high-bandwidth network traffic with no lost or dropped packets. All information is organized by session, providing full context for application communications and content transferred across the network. By deriving a rich set of fully searchable metadata, network monitoring tools provide rapid access to highly valuable data, resulting in a rapid and in-depth understanding of network activity.

Cubro’s network visibility tools provided these solutions to the organization:

Cubro tick white Load balancing in all layers
Cubro tick white Packet filtering in all 7 OSI layers
Cubro tick white Packet modification in all 7 OSI layers
Cubro tick white Keyword search
Cubro tick white Regular Expression search
Cubro tick white Probing application
Cubro tick white Network statistics


By using Cubro’s network packet brokers the service provider was able to manage the distribution of packets to monitoring tools centrally or per site, whether the tools are used for troubleshooting, network management, customer experience management or any other purpose. They could also manage the centralized distribution of packets that made it easy to expand monitoring capabilities without the need of re-architecting the visibility and monitoring. As a result, the NPBs helped the CSP to improve the effectiveness of its monitoring solution and deliver service with high quality, high availability and better performance.

  1. Improved Service Quality
  2. Increased Security
  3. Reduction of Blind Spots

Customer Review

“With Cubro’s Packetmasters and Probes, we have been able to improve our services as we are able to capture traffic and identify the problem. Cubro products have provided multiple secure data environments for our organization. They helped us gain end-to-end network visibility which is crucial for protecting the network.”

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