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Case Study

Case Study: Telekom Austria Group Improves Network Visibility

About Telekom Austria Group

Telekom Austria Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million customers. It is currently operating in seven countries: Austria (A1), Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Belarus (velcom), Croatia Republic of Macedonia (one.Vip).
As European unit of América Móvil, the third largest wireless services provider in the world, Telekom Austria Group is headquartered in Vienna and gives access to global solutions.

A1 (legal entity: A1 Telekom Austria AG) is part of the Telekom Austria Group and is Austria’s leading communications provider, encompassing approximately 5.5 million mobile communications customers and almost 2.3 million fixed access lines. The customers benefit from a global package of offers from one source: voice telephony, internet access, digital cable television, data and IT solutions, value-added services, wholesale services, mobile business and payment solutions. The product brands include A1, bob, Red Bull MOBILE and Yesss.

Correlation of Network Traffic and Maintaining Network Visibility

A 1 has a vast network of over 10,000 base stations which carry network traffic. As a service provider, the company is dependent on two major components – the ability to correlate traffic flows on a per-subscriber basis and maintain visibility across all segments of the mobile network. A massive influx of user traffic was overwhelming for the monitoring box placed in one rack. One monitoring box is capable of monitoring a maximum of 60 Gbit traffic. High-speed inline monitoring devices are expensive, and the more features they have the less network traffic they can successfully parse. The scalability of the tools infrastructure cannot match the increases in the volume of information traversing through the mobile service provider network. Furthermore, proliferating tools across the network to monitor millions of subscribers can be very expensive. The company wanted a tool which could aggregate, filter and load balance the network traffic. Besides facing the challenge of dealing with growing network traffic and weak monitoring boxes, the company also wanted a solution which was cost efficient. How do you maximize your investment in a network visibility solution while gaining the most value from the deployed solution?

Technical Solution with advanced features

Cubro’s tools offered following solutions to A 1 which helped them gain deep insight into their network and optimized the monitoring cost:

  • Filtering, whereby subscriber traffic can be selected and forwarded to monitoring tools utilizing attributes including subscriber information such as IMSI.
  • Replication and distribution
  • GTP Load Balancing whereby all GTP sessions are load balanced to as many as 16 tool ports utilizing IMSI based load-balancing criteria.


According to Mr. Mario Rainer, Head of Monitoring – A 1 Telekom Austria AG, “Cubro offered us simple and reliable solutions which best suited our requirement. Cubro network visibility tools provided us value for money and are customized as per our needs. We are extremely satisfied with the company’s excellent technical knowhow and after sales service.”

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Resource Efficiency
  3. Reduced MTTR

Customer Review

“One monitoring box is capable of monitoring maximum of 60 Gbit traffic. Our biggest challenge was the growing traffic and weak monitoring boxes. Cubro was able to provide us tools which aggregate, filter and load balance the network traffic besides saving cost for the company. We are extremely satisfied with Cubro’s excellent technical knowhow and after sales service.” 

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