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Case Study

Case Study: Cost-effective Solution for Layer 1

About South East Asia Telecom Operator

The South East Asia Telecom Operator has more than 15 million subscribers. The Operator has been a driving force in bringing real 4G speeds to mass-market consumers across the country and empowering the society by providing connectivity.

Organizational Challenges

The telecom operator in South East Asia needed access to traffic without disrupting data flow. The operator had an extensive monitoring system. However, in order to get full visibility, the operator wanted network TAPs which would provide 100% throughput without any drop in traffic. The operator wanted a solution which would not cause any network delays, latency or timing issues. Also, it was crucial for them to get a cost-effective solution which would provide them access to the entire network.

A network TAP (Test Access Point), is the first device to provide network visibility. It is vital that this tool is highly reliable. It is a hardware device, which can passively capture traffic on a network. It is commonly used to monitor the network traffic between two points in the system.

Technical Solution with Optical TAPs

Cubro provided the operator optical TAPs. Cubro‘s network TAP guarantees full capture of 100% of packets and feeds them to the packet analyser tool.

The Cubro Optical TAPs maintain a permanent passive connection for monitoring purposes without introducing a potential point of failure or disturbing other network connections. Cubro passive optical TAPs deliver full-duplex monitoring with zero impact on the network.

These TAPs provide a simple but powerful way to conduct in-service monitoring of high-speed optical networks such as SDH/SONET/OTN and Ethernet up to 100 Gbit. The optical TAPs are entirely traffic transparent and offer 100% throughput. Therefore, Cubro optical TAPs can be used for any optical network application, regardless of the bitrate.

With Cubro‘s solution, the operator has enhanced overall operation. The optical TAPs are cost-effective and have a high price-performance ratio. They are resilient even in the event of a hardware failure and are engineered to allow traffic to continue passing through them also if the TAP itself stops functioning. Cubro TAPs do not introduce delay or alter the content.

Business Benefits

By using Cubro’s network packet brokers the service provider was able to manage the distribution of packets to monitoring tools centrally or per site, whether the tools are used for troubleshooting, network management, customer experience management or any other purpose. They could also manage the centralized distribution of packets that made it easy to expand monitoring capabilities without the need of re-architecting the visibility and monitoring. As a result, the NPBs helped the CSP to improve the effectiveness of its monitoring solution and deliver service with high quality, high availability and better performance.

  1. Cost-effective solution
  2. Improved network performance
  3. Improved MTTR
  4. Enhanced overall operation

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