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Case Study

Case Study: Reduce MTTR for Orange Slovensko

About Orange Slovensko

Orange Slovensko is the largest mobile operator in Slovakia. In the domestic market, the company has been in business for more than 20 years and built a stable leader position with almost 3 million customers. Worldwide, Orange has 269 million customers which makes it the world’s leading telecommunications operator.

Orange provides its mobile services through a 2G network that covers 99.8% of the population, through a 3G network with a maximum speed of 42Mbit/s and 4G networks with speeds of up to 225Mbit/s. Orange’s 4G network is already available for more than 90% of the Slovak population, while Orange is the operator’s highest combined broadband internet coverage among all operators.

Orange Slovensko is the first telecommunications operator in Slovakia to launch a state-of-the-art new generation FTTH (Fiber To The Home) which currently covers more than 401,000 households in 37 cities and towns in Slovakia. Orange also provides fixed internet and digital television via DSL technology, which is available in most of Slovakia.

Reduce MTTR and improve performance

Orange Slovensko was deploying EPC technology and it was important to have complete network visibility while migrating the technology to 4G network. During the implementation of EPC, it was a must to have complete network visibility and identify any issues in the network which could affect customer experience. Orange Slovensko is a market leader and has always stressed on high quality user experience. During the migration of the technology, it was crucial that the monitoring tools performance was optimized.

The second challenge that Orange Slovensko faced was due to the complexity of network which is constantly changing. The operator needed more advanced filtering for better troubleshooting and eventually providing a better customer experience.

Integrated Solution Providing Complete Network Visibility

Cubro EX484-3 provided the right solution during EPC deployment. The Packetmasters filter specific network traffic to a specific monitoring tool in order to optimize security and traffic flow. The telecom operator is able to filter on actionable data only, which allows the network tools to analyze much more efficiently. Orange Slovensko has also deployed OptoSlim TAPs. Network TAPs are essential for gaining access to traffic on the wire so that it can be sent to monitoring and security tools.

Cubro network visibility tools are middleware between network equipment and monitoring ports which gathers necessary traffic and processes it in the necessary format for monitoring tools. To simplify the management of all the network packet brokers, Orange Slovensko uses Cubro Vitrum Management Suite. This versatile network management software offers network topology visualisation. The Vitrum can control – update, restore and backup multiple Cubro Packetmaster devices, and provide statistics and health overview.

“Network packet brokers provide the source of the information as they are the first points in the chain of data we process. Having central management at this point is key to be sure that we process all of the data. With Grafana in Vitrum, we are able to monitor throughput on inputs from splitters and outputs to probes. This provides the ability to quickly identify anomalies in the data chain. You can run without central management until you achieve the moment when you can`t. And we just achieved this moment – the scale (in terms of the amount of packet brokers), that is unable to manage without management suite. So Cubro came with Vitrum just in time.” – Karol Skolar, ITS Senior Engineer, Orange Slovensko


Cubro’s network visibility devices have helped Orange Slovensko to supervise network much more effectively. The tools trigger alarms which assist in monitoring the quality of network. Using Cubro Packetmasters the telecom operator can aggregate and filter specific traffic which prevents overloading of monitoring tools and make them more efficient.

The business benefits of using Cubro solutions include:

  1. Improved troubleshooting
  2. Reduced MTTR
  3. Enhanced customer experience
  4. Increased work productivity

Customer Review

“In one of the used cases, we were able to extract specific traffic from network equipment which was broken with the help of Cubro Packetmaster. We provided the information to the vendor and this greatly decreased time for resolving the issue.” – Karol Skolar, ITS Senior Engineer, Orange Slovensko

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