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Case Study

Case Study: Manage Higher Education Network

About the higher education institution

The University is one of the leading Universities in North America with a high reputation. It has approximately 11,000 students and supports nearly 5,000 staff. The revenue of the University exceeds several hundreds of million dollars.

Network Visibility for Higher Education

In the age of digital education, network visibility is key to delivering better IT services. The higher education institutions need greater insight into the network to deal with sluggish performance, unexpected outages, security issues and network failure. In addition to this, lowering the cost of the network infrastructure is also vital due to the limited budget.

Unmanaged network downtime can disrupt education because students need constant access to online study and research material. It can cause reputation damage to the educational institution, loss of staff productivity and additional massive cost related to the recovery of the issue. The University has 7 remote locations and found it challenging technically and economically to provide visibility for their security tools at the distributed sites. Cyber security is a critical concern these days. There is a lot of personal, financial and intellectual information which needs to be protected and taken care of. The University wanted to prevent data breaches.

The other challenge was to find products which would fit with the existing environment and provide network visibility at locations which would be otherwise totally cost prohibitive. The University also wanted a solution which offered ease of use. The University found it frustrating to spend long hours reading and trying to understand the user manuals of some previous competitors and therefore wanted a solution which could integrate seamlessly into their network architecture.

Cost-effective Solution from Cubro

Cubro EX2/EX2+ and Optical 2 link TAPs were a perfect fit for the challenges which the University faced. The TAPs were not integrated with EX2+, but a multimode and single mode TAP mix was mounted on the face of the rack with the EX2+. Cubro customised the TAP according to the customer’s needs.

University as a bundled offering. The Vitrum can control – update, restore and backup multiple Cubro Packetmaster devices, and provide statistics and health overview. The customer sees a definite value in the ability to monitor bandwidth, have error notifications and manage remote locations with the Cubro Vitrum.


The EX2 solution was about providing access to tools within a distributed network. No other vendor offers such a solution. Security is often one of those ‘unknown’ metrics unless you are breached, and Universities are prime targets because of the global reach for researchers. They have to communicate globally. The business benefits of using Cubro solutions include:

  1. Enhanced functionality and capabilities in lower port count locations
  2. Revenue savings are in the hardware & the intangibles like compromised security and man hours
  3. Reduced MTTR

Customer Review

“Cubro products are the right fit for our University because we needed portable network packet brokers for our remote locations. The technical support in the form of webinars has been helpful. In a year, there have been no failure points with the products, and we are extremely satisfied.”

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