Cubro Cloud Switch

The Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) is currently the end in this evolution from L4 NPB to an active network device with visibility functions included. 

The CCS provides switching functions in layer 2 to 7 and at the same time visibility. This is possible because the packet forwarding is done in hardware. The switch infrastructure knows where the microservice is running, and can copy the relevant traffic before sending it over to the switch infrastructure - the probing system (virtual/real).

Even when the microservices are moved or scaled out the Cubro Solution can follow the application using the application ID across the data center.


  • inband dynamic visibility service steering
  • cloud centric visibility
  • application breathing support
  • Visibility in Hardware (no performance degradation in the server)
  • Visibility based on application ID (micro service) level
  • No software changes on the server
  • Fully software agnostic
  • cloud switch from cubro - top view
  • cloud switch from cubro - side view
  • cloud switch from cubro - front view

The challenge

In a large network environment, there can be thousands of microservices to monitor with each service running on a separate server/rack/data center because of redundancy reasons. In the worst case, the “application” could be running all over the world in several data centers. There are even more difficulties because the applications can jump dynamically through the data centers. As a result, classical tapping is not possible anymore!

The Solutions

Option 1:  Virtual TAPs on the hypervisors 

  • 3rd party software must be installed on each hypervisor
  • performance degradation on the hypervisor
  • the application can run on different hypervisors so you need to have virtual TAPs for each hypervisor version
  • security issues because the virtual TAP monitors the full switch and not only one specific microservice
  • very high maintenance effort when the applications are breathing!

This is the classical approach with a lot of issues like:

  • bandwidth
  • dynamic breathing
  • cost
  • complex configuration

Option 2:  Visibility on top of the Network Infrastructure

  • bandwidth

  • Visibility based on application ID (micro service) level
  • No software changes on the server
  • Fully software agnostic

This can be done with the Cubro Cloud Switch Solution.

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