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26. September 2022

Cubro Bypass and the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

For many enterprises, with extensive branch networking requirements, SD-WAN is often the first step on the SASE journey. SD-WAN implementations provide a network approach more in-line with today’s Internet-centric business models, offering compelling cost savings over traditional private networks.
12. August 2022

The difference between network and security monitoring

This blog focuses on the functionality comparison of network and security management. The frameworks aside, the Network and security operations teams have an ever-increasing amount of work and responsibility in taking care of the overall health, performance and security of a business.
18. July 2022

Technical support improving customers’ life

Good technical support helps in reducing downtime by resolving end-user problems effectively and ultimately saving costs. Cubro has a robust team of well-trained technical experts to deal with any issue related to our products.

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