Packetmaster EX484-3

The Packetmaster EX484-3 is a network packet broker and network controller switch that aggregates, filters and load balances network traffic sent to network monitoring, security and management tools. The EX484-3 allows you to filter and load-balance traffic from 10 or 40 Gbps links to multiple 1 Gbps monitoring tools or aggregate multiple 1 Gbps links to 10 or 40 Gbps monitoring tools. The EX484-3 supports traffic modification as well as changing, removing and adding VLANs.

Network Packet Broker Packetmaster EX484-3

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Success Story: Cubro provides a cost-effective solution for 10G interfaces to a Data Centre

End to end visibility, high density performance with EX484-3

A data centre is often over crowded. The main requirement of a data centre customer was to deploy a network packet broker that covered all interfaces, provided high density performance and saved rack space. Cubro’s EX484-3 was the perfect solution and provided end to end visibility without compromising on any of the other requirements. The Packetmaster has 72 ports in one U, which is an ideal solution to save rack space. The EX484-3 provides high density solutions to the growing network of the data centre. This product is designed to optimize performance and provides excellent value for the money.

The EX484-3 supports separate RX and TX usage. This feature provides flexibility and doubles the number of ports. Each SFP port has a receiver and a transmitter. Two receiver ports on the Packetmaster are used to monitor each link. The two transmitter ports are not used but the Cubro units can use these ports as independent output. This means that all the ports can be used to receive traffic while all transmitters are still being used to provide output to the monitoring tools.

Cubro’s network packet brokers are capable of steering traffic in many ways. The tools are passive and are deployed in-line behind TAPs. They can be used with or without bypass protection. Steering includes load balancing and traffic tunnelling. Cubro supports all major tunnel techniques including VLAN, MPLS, GRE, NVGRE, GENEVA and VXLAN. TAP networks today can be very complex, as there are often several packet brokers involved.

!Note: The power footprint is important for devices that run 24/7