Sessionmaster EXA32100

Another version of the product for layer 4 available as Packetmaster EX32100

The EXA32100 features highly advanced technology. It is an advanced system which can handle billions of packets up to OSI layer 7. The product is based on advanced chip design combined with a high-performance multi-core host controller. Additionally, the OS (operating system) is a fully innovative design that runs on this multicore host controller. These features make the EXA32100 a special appliance not only for monitoring applications but also for load balancing in higher layers like GTP.

Advanced Network Packet Broker Sessionmaster EXA32100

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GTP load balancing is required for monitoring high loaded mobile networks. This solution is necessary because the traffic is too much for a single probing device. Layer 4 load balancing is not an option, because the output of this load balancing concept can destroy the session integrity and the probes would not be able to handle the traffic. EXA32100 load balances in layer 5 (inner IP) to guarantee session integrity. In combination with EXA24160, the signalling traffic can be load balanced accordingly.

Cubro advanced network packet broker for GTP load balancing