Packetmaster EX32100

Advanced version of the product for layer 7 available as Sessionmaster EXA32100

The EX32100 features highly sophisticated technology. It is an advanced system which can handle billions of packets up to OSI layer 4. The product is based on an advanced chip design combined with a high-performance multi-core host controller. Additionally, the OS (operating system) is a fully innovative design running on this multicore host controller. These features make the EX32100 a truly special appliance for monitoring applications.:)

Network Packet Broker Packetmaster EX32100

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The EX32100 is a non-blocking design - there is no over subscribed backplane. Any packet can be forwarded to any output at any time without any drop. The non-blocking design is stable and produces no packet drops, even when working with high loads. 

  • 32 x 100 Gbit non blocking monitoring switch 
  • Throughput – bits per second  3,2 TB
  • 25 Gbps MSA support
  • Packet buffer size 24 MB
  • User Definable Match Keys and Actions
  • Tunnel choices – VXLAN, VXLAN-GPE, NVGRE, GENEVE (unlimited)
  • Two-step 1588 time stamping
  • SDE Counters
  • sFlow
  • Ingress and Egress Mirroring to Analyzer with ERSPAN


Success story: EX32100 handles the tapping and load balancing of the entire mobile core of a leading European service provider.

This illustration shows a fully meshed cross connect with a “connected backplane” performance of 500 Gbit full duplex. 162 x 100 Gbit or 648 x 10 Gbit ports are available for connecting devices. The Cubro Management system controls this system.


Extended Functions:

The management host controller of the EX32100 is a Cavium multicore processor unit which runs a full-featured Cubro OS as an operating system. On this host, script languages like Python, Perl, TCL, or simple Linux shells are available to run 3rd party applications which extend the function of the Packetmaster. These applications can be developed by Cubro or the customer. 

  • L7 packet based filtering
  • Software-defined Counters
  • Flexible Key Creation (Parse)
  • Flexible Tables (Lookup)
  • Flexible Packet editing (Modify)
  • Integrated Traffic Management (Queue)
  • Create new metrics (Count)

!Note: The power footprint is important for devices that run 24/7