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Today's networks require a growing list of network monitoring tools and network monitoring solutions to monitor the network like Application/Network performance, IDS/IPS, Sniffers, VoIP analysers, Data Recorders, DLP, Compliance monitors etc. All these tools require real packets to perform their analysis and the challenges faced are lack of tool access points, limited network visibility, existing network monitoring tools not being able to keep up and the increasing costs. How to connect the growing number of tools to the production network with a cost-effective solution?


Cubro Network Visibility offers a wide range of passive and secure network TAPs and packet brokers to connect the ever-growing number of network monitoring tools to the production network. The network visibility devices assure that each of these tools only gets a copy of the network data it needs to prevent tool performance oversubscription. Also, it saves cost in purchasing too many expensive network monitoring tools. Cubro helps customers to passively tap the network, aggregate, correlate and filter data before forwarding it to any kind of monitoring platform.