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Omnia QM
Next Generation CDR Solution to reduce hardware footprint in customer data repositories in data lakes, data warehouses and databases

Omnia QM provides an efficient method for optimizing data and helps the operator monitor data with lower hardware and software resources. Derived from Latin origins, “Omnia” symbolizes “all things”, and “QM” represents “Quantitas Magna” or “Big Quantity”. QM also stands for Quality Management, as many use cases supported by Omnia QM are related to quality management. Omnia QM embodies the essence of comprehensive data management and optimization.

Overcoming Challenges in Traffic Growth, Customer Expectations, and Network Monitoring and Analytics

To overcome the challenges posed by massive traffic growth, rising customer expectations, and the complexity of network architecture, businesses need to optimize their monitoring tools and prevent any potential blind spots. However, the high costs associated with monitoring user plane traffic and the burden of delivering exceptional customer service while proactively handling complaints further complicate matters. Additionally, the advent of 5G technology and the high total cost of ownership (TCO) for existing monitoring solutions add to the existing complexities. By implementing effective strategies and solutions, businesses can increase monitoring performance, meet customer demands, streamline network management, and mitigate the challenges posed by 5G and high TCO, ensuring a more efficient and customer-centric operation.

Cubro offers a solution that helps the monitoring and analytic systems achieve their goals – understand subscribers better while reducing the costs of monitoring and analytics.

Omnia QM Solution: Time-window based metadata extraction solution to reduce the monitoring footprint

User Plane Monitoring with CDR Extraction

With CDR (Call Detail Record) extraction, powered by our innovative SmartNICs called Omnics, operators can extract, optimize, and monitor data effectively. The solution significantly reduces the need for extensive hardware and software resources.

Omnics analyses and processes user plane (U-plane) and signalling traffic (C-plane) in real time. The solution correlates the U- and C-plane information and generates CDRs, which are sent to monitoring systems where the data is used for monitoring, data analytics, and business intelligence. As a result, the operator can harness the explosive growth of data and utilize it for business intelligence applications such as analyzing subscriber behaviour.

Role of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Deep packet inspection refers to the process of inspecting the contents of network packets at a granular level. It allows operators to examine the payload of each packet and extract valuable information from it. This information can be used by security tools and can provide application detection as well.

Cubro Custos overview

Omnics perform real-time analysis and processing of user plane (U-plane) through DPI technique.

The solution incorporates traffic filtering based on user IP address, subscriber’s IMSI and MSISDN, and application detection. These filters enable operators to selectively examine specific aspects of network traffic, focusing on relevant data for further analysis. DPI identifies and filters packets of interest, optimizing the use of hardware and software resources.

One of the outcomes of this solution is the generation of CDRs. These records contain extracted and correlated information from the U- and C-plane traffic. DPI enables the filtering of data, for example, per application basis, thus making it possible to extract only relevant data, providing lower volumes with needed data for advanced monitoring, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Technical Description

The solution is based on these actions:

  • Traffic filtering on user IP address
  • GTP Inner IP load balancing
  • Application detection
  • Generation of CDRs, which are sent to the customer data repository and analytics

The Benefits of Omnia QM

High Compression Ratio that results in significant costs saving

Up to 1000:1 compression ratio means that if bandwidth is 1,000 Gbps with raw packets, the CDR based solution only requires 1Gbps. The Cubro solution reduces customer investment dramatically in the analytics and monitoring systems by lowering CAPEX.

Compact Hardware Design resulting in lower HW footprint

Cubro advanced Omnic enables efficient traffic management with just one server, capable of handling 40 Gbps of traffic per Omnic, maximum of 10 cards. The compact hardware design maximises performance and reduces power consumption, cooling requirements, and rack space. Therefore, this approach reduces total CAPEX and OPEX.

Seamless Scalability

Cubro solution offers excellent scalability without the need for additional rack space, as long as the 10 NIC limit is not reached. You can easily expand your capacity by adding another Omnic, enabling a “pay as you grow” approach.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

The solution seamlessly integrates with existing TAP and NPB infrastructure. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition and lowers your CAPEX by leveraging your current investments.

Use Cases

Proactive Service Outage Alerts

The Cubro solution provides real-time information about the availability of services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Microsoft services. This information can be used to detect service degradation which can trigger outage alerts.

Misuse of Service

Identify and detect the misuse of private plans by companies in countries where subscribers act as sub-service providers, sharing subscriptions within a building through high-powered Wi-Fi hotspots. This capability enables operators to identify and address instances of improper usage, ensuring fair distribution of services and preventing unauthorized access.

Reselling of Geo-location

Cubro offers the ability to enhance geolocation data with application information, enabling operators to block specific applications in certain sectors to prevent network overload. Additionally, service providers have the option to monetize anonymized geolocation data provided by Cubro, opening up new revenue streams while maintaining customer privacy.

Fraud Detection

The Cubro solution is designed to assist law enforcement in identifying and locating SPAM servers, and subscribers engaged in suspicious activities like port scanning, crypto mining, TOR usage, and SIM Box detection. By analyzing unusual traffic, sessions, applications, and subscriber behaviour, the Cubro solution helps to detect and prevent scams, identity theft, and cybercrime, offering enhanced network security and protecting users from fraudulent activities.

Customer Retention

One indication of a dissatisfied customer is the frequent use of speedtest tools. Cubro provides a deep understanding of user behaviour and detailed information about the applications used, such as Speedtest. Using information provided by Cubro the operator can timely improve network quality to enhance customer experience.

Billing and Volume Control

The Cubro solution offers precise “one-second resolution” volume measurements for billing and volume control purposes. Operators can track volume usage per subscriber, either in total or segmented by application, as well as per cell or per subscriber. This functionality is particularly beneficial for MVNO roaming scenarios, providing accurate and detailed volume control capabilities.

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