18. March 2019

Product Update: EXA8 is Available to Order

The EXA8 is an affordable high performance universal open network appliance with a unique design and flexible feature set. Cubro EXA8 is the only network visibility probe of its kind in the market due to its compact size, in built-TAP and powerful CPU …
12. March 2019

The Advantages of Visibility Automation

The challenge of visibility in today's Virtual Networks is not the virtualization itself but the disintegrated network operation approach and the dynamization of network designs. The modern data centres need to have full visibility …
6. March 2019

Enhance your business efficiency with Cubro Vitrum

Vitrum is Cubro's centralised management platform offering the often sought after "single pane of glass" for administering Cubro devices. Vitrum improves the network teams efficiency with a breadth of features for managing, monitoring, …
25. February 2019

Product News: Release of Product Update

Here's some important product news for EXA40/EXA24160 and EXA48600/EXA32100. The last software versions include several new features that improve our solutions further. Our latest product update is part of our ongoing effort to offer better and improved …
18. February 2019

Monitoring Approaches to Modern Overlay Networks (Part 3)

In this last series of the blog, we will explain some different approaches to monitor modern overlay networks. All vendors talk about security, and everyone offers cool software tools to analyze any threat you can consider …
13. February 2019

Meet Cubro at MWC19 Barcelona

Cubro Network Visibility, one of the leading vendors of network packet brokers, network TAPs and network probes, will participate at the MWC'19 Barcelona …
4. February 2019

Maximizing Monitoring Tool Investments with Network Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers for Maximizing Monitoring Tool Investments - how the addition of a Network Packet Broker can increase the efficiency of monitoring devices while simultaneously extending their serviceable life, increasing ROI …
1. February 2019

Cubro’s Debut at Cisco Live Barcelona 2019

At Cisco Live 2019 in Barcelona, Cubro team showcased its latest network visibility solution for the complex networks. The complexity of today's networks requires a fully new approach for visibility tools due to two major issues - large overlay networks …
28. January 2019

Monitoring Approaches to Modern Overlay Networks (Part 2)

Monitoring Approaches to Modern Overlay Networks (Part 2)
In the earlier blog, we introduced overlay networks and the transition of data center networks. We briefly described the several visibility options for overlay networks – visibility of the underlay network, specific overlay network, overlay networks, …
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