7. January 2018

The high-density Cubro Copper Tap – FlexTAP 10/100/1000

​If you want access to complete network data by deploying a simple tool which is easy to install and scalable at the same time, then Cubro's new high-density Copper TAP – FlexTAP 10/100/1000 is an ideal solution …
13. December 2017

Outlook towards tackling network challenges

Complexity is ever-increasing in many areas and computer networks are no exception…
29. November 2017

Keyword and Regular Expressions Search

Keyword and regular expressions (Regex) search can be used as an easily adjustable form of deep packet inspection (DPI). This application allows the filtering engine to look deeper into packets. …
20. November 2017

Cubro Announces Expansion In APAC

Cubro Network Visibility announces the opening of a new office in Singapore to further expand its footprints in Asia Pacific region. …
6. November 2017

The future of visibility 2020 and beyond

Network performance challenges are increasing and visibility will be a more important part of the network infrastructure in future. Is your network visibility ready for what's next? …
30. October 2017

Cubro uses 8D quality assurance solutions

Cubro is orientated towards measuring customer satisfaction levels to determine the success of its business. Meeting customer needs and requirements is our primary goal. …
23. October 2017

What does Big Data mean for Mobile Cellular Networks?

The five key elements of big data these days are volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of data. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small organisation, voluminous data is generated on a day-to-day basis.
28. September 2017

Cubro’s solution for metadata extraction

Cubro offers two Probes to extract metadata out of network traffic …
27. September 2017

Cubro’s New Probe Platform

Cubro Network Visibility recently announced a successful test of the new Probe platform based on 108 core ARM server.
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