23. October 2017

What does Big Data mean for Mobile Cellular Networks?

The five key elements of big data these days are volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of data. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small organisation, voluminous data is generated on a day-to-day basis.
28. September 2017

Cubro’s solution for metadata extraction

Cubro offers two Probes to extract metadata out of network traffic …
27. September 2017

Cubro’s New Probe Platform

Cubro Network Visibility recently announced a successful test of the new Probe platform based on 108 core ARM server.
27. September 2017

Agnostic Monitoring Probe for Managing Digital Business

Cubro's product portfolio includes Probes which can analyze and process the network business and signalling in real time. The Probes can improve network quality, promote the user perception and strengthen the information security.
21. September 2017

Cubro’s Hybrid Network Visibility Solution

Cloud and virtualization will have a significant impact on the network design and this goes hand in hand with a disruptive change in the visibility market as well. The existing process of big company sales shows the first signs of transition …
18. September 2017

Big Data in Network Operators

Big Data is a buzzword all over the world. Service Providers believe that big data will play a critical role. What are the possibilities of big data analytics and how can big data help service providers on a daily base? …
8. September 2017

Big Data – AI: Machine learning approach

A Probe is a device that can decode the traffic from the network and produce meta data records (XDR extended data records) …
21. July 2017

5 ways network visibility will impact enterprises

External Security, Internal Security, Fraud, Internal network performance, SLA to third party providers …
20. July 2017

5 ways network visibility will impact telecommunication sector

Meta data will influence the network design and the network management.
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