22. April 2018

The cutting-edge technology in Cubro’s newest Network Packet Brokers

Cubro's newest network packet brokers (G5) can support layer 2 until layer 5 …
19. April 2018

Three reasons why a commodity switch is not a network packet broker

Providing effective and efficient pervasive visibility is becoming more difficult is because the IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly more complex. Today's changing networks must not only support ever-increasing traffic volumes, …
12. April 2018

Cubro Among the Fastest Growing European Companies

Cubro Network Visibility is among Europe's 1000 fastest-growing companies, according to the ranking from the UK-based Financial Times (FT). FT is one of the world's leading English-language business and economic newspapers …
10. April 2018

Userplane IMSI filtering on high bandwidth

Monitoring userplane in LTE networks involves two problems - traffic growth/volume and legal issues …
2. April 2018

Save monitoring cost based on traffic filtering

Traffic on mobile networks is growing rapidly on a daily basis, and this is a big challenge for monitoring applications. Understanding technology costs is always a challenge for companies …
27. March 2018

Cubro launches advanced ATCA Platform

Cubro announces the development of an ATCA chassis-based platform which would extend the performance of probe. The ATCA platform will enable the service providers to get a higher port density for probing and advanced traffic engineering applications …
22. March 2018

Introducing Cubro Optomat

Optical TAPs come across as simple passive devices, and generally, we tend not to talk much about them. However, this is not true because they have a significant role to play in the entire network architecture …
27. February 2018

Packet slicing in 100 Gbit line rate

Cubro announces packet slicing option with CRC recalculation on multiple 100 Gbit traffic per unit…
20. February 2018

Top 3 reasons to deploy Cubro’s OPTOSLIM Network TAPs

  Recently our team deployed OPTOSLIM Network TAPs at a communication service provider in South East Asia. The customer wanted a solution which could passively monitor […]
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