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The Advantages of Visibility Automation

The Advantages of Visibility Automation

The challenge of visibility in today's Virtual Networks is not the virtualization itself but the disintegrated network operation approach and the dynamization of network designs. The modern data centres need to have full visibility and analysis into virtual and physical network performance for not only quickly resolving issues, but to realize the cost and efficiency gains of virtualization.



Why do we need visibility automation?

  • Hundreds or thousands of devices are used in today's networks.
  • Multiple layers networks (overlay networks models)
  • The service model in network management leads to abstraction.
  • Multiple monitoring services with the same traffic.
  • Many different services in the same underlay network.

Network teams are realizing that they often lag behind other domain groups in embracing automation as a way to meet growing business demand. Technology vendors are now focusing on more pragmatic pain points such as improving network operations and reducing network life-cycle costs.  According to Gartner Research, the main drivers for automating the network include:

  • Improving agility and responsiveness to business demand
  • Monitoring, optimizing or securing the network more effectively
  • Lowering maintenance and service costs
  • Simplifying the network


The visibility solution for today must be automated which means it should interact with the network to follow the services defined in network management. Virtual networks route traffic between VMs in the stack, but it takes physical networks to connect these virtual environments to the outside world and to interconnect data centres. Therefore, it is essential that visibility should work on all layers and all domains in the network - a pure virtual approach will not help because according to the definition, a virtual device will not have access to the hardware layer. This hardware access is very important to get accurate measurements.

Virtual devices can only produce abstract results. As an example "MOS, Jitter, Delay could never be measured correctly virtually! You would measure the last abstraction layer. 

Automation is the key success factor for Visibility in Virtual networks. The Cubro solution is a hardware hybrid solution which is an agnostic approach to any hypervisor and network design with full automation. Cubro offers visibility on top of the Network Infrastructure, and the solution is highly scalable and flexible.

About Cubro Network Visibility

Cubro provides a comprehensive set of network visibility solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and performance-oriented. With products that enable total network visibility into your traffic, we can enhance and support deployments in the Telecommunications, ISP, Data Centre, Enterprise, and Government spaces whether it be in virtualised or physical environments. Cubro will assist you in bringing your network performance and security monitoring efforts to their peak level and unlock valuable insights into your network traffic.

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