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Small, yet powerful - A holistic approach to modern visibility for all enterprises

Launching soon. Stay tuned!

Networks are growing, and even small and medium-sized enterprises need high-performance tools to operate more efficiently. An intelligent network security and monitoring approach that provides granular visibility down to the link layer is costly; and generally not affordable for these enterprises.

Can enterprises rely on low-end network management tools? White-box solutions use standard switching silicon that is both cheap and readily available. Obviously, repurposing “off-the-shelf” hardware designed for one use case to another entails some form of feature and/or performance tradeoffs. So now what?

The Sessionmaster EXA8 Fusion NOS fills this gap. It is the only device in the market addressing the issues of visibility for the small and medium-sized enterprises holistically. The small, portable form factor, low power consumption, and economical cost of the Sessionmaster EXA8, make it a very compelling option for remote and distributed deployments. 

The EXA8 Fusion NOS is a monitoring and switching product based on ARM/X86 platform. It is a new generation of product based on DPDK packet processing technology. It can support physical deployment and virtual machine deployment. Virtual deployment includes VMware, KVM, Virtualbox, containers, and cloud deployment. Initial support is primarily for OpenStack, with support for Amazon and others in the future.

The applications supported by the device include: 

  • Load balancing
  • Dynamic Load Balancing             
  • ACL Filtering             
  • Mask quintuple filtering             
  • Inner layer mask quintuple filtering             
  • VLAN Pre-Filtering             
  • Packet deduplication
  • Packet fragment reassembling
  • Packet reordering             
  • Tunnel header stripping  
  • Packet Timestamp 
  • Packet slicing
  • Packet Header Encapsulation
  • VLAN Packet Encapsulation
  • VXLAN Packet Encapsulation             
  • GRE Packet Encapsulation             
  • NETFLOW             
  • VXLAN Termination (not simply header removal)
  • GRE Termination (not simply header removal)    

All enterprises need better visibility, performance, more efficient networks, improved ROI on tools, and faster response in addressing issues. The packaged hardware and software solution for the EXA8 aims to address the needs of enterprise customers and network engineers for a fail-safe network tapping, traffic capture, and troubleshooting platform. This iteration of the EXA8 is capable of either tapping up to four 10/100/1000 copper links or accepting up to eight feeds from other sources such as SPAN and mirror ports (or a combination thereof). The built-in bypass functionality of the 10/100/1000 copper ports ensures that the live link is always protected and the two SFP/SFP+ interfaces allow the user to copy and/or aggregate traffic over the 8Gbps from the copper links to tools ranging from laptops to high-end security and monitoring appliances.

Is this product the right fit for your business? Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this product.

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