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Rolling Capture & Indexing for Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is often not that easy because the problem appears only from time to time. It is critical to perform network troubleshooting by optimizing underlying network issues and viewing the health of network links. Is a standard capture feature enough for troubleshooting intermittent issues?

For such troubles, rolling capture offered by EXA8 is useful. EXA8 endlessly captures traffic from the configured ports or links. If the reserved disk space is full, the rolling capture overwrites the older capture automatically.

 Rolling Capture for network troubleshooting Cubro EXA8

The rolling capture also produces an Index of the captured traffic; (time, IP address and port information) with the help of this index the relevant traffic could be extracted and exported in a PCAP file for the purpose of analysis. This feature provides the option to look back in time and find historical data.

The Cubro Rolling Capture can quickly solve the problem, because the capture is continuously running, and when the error happens, the engineer can look back in time through the capture file. With the help of the query language, he can extract the right time frame and the relevant traffic filtered by IP address and port.

In combination with the TAP and remote access, the EXA8 is the perfect remote site troubleshooting tool.


 Rolling Capture Feature Use Case Cubro EXA8


In the above example, the rolling capture is used on two WAN interfaces to see the behaviour of the WAN at the exact same time when the error event happens.

With the optional built-in Wifi / 2G/3G/4G  modem or Iridium satellite modem, the EXA8 is a versatile monitoring platform, that connects various wireless technologies across every point on Earth. The EXA8 supports a PCIe connector expansion slot as well as holes for an antenna in the enclosure. One box can do it all - Network connections on multiple interfaces, powerful multi-core CPU, high-performance SSD storage, and the modem support for remote connectionsThe powerful CPU gives the user the option to run analysis software at the remote site thus preventing the need to download capture files over a slow connection link.


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