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Reaching a major milestone with 1000th unit shipment of EXA24160

Today we proudly announce the shipment of the 1000th unit of Cubro EXA24160. This is our CPU based platform capable of advanced functionality such as deduplication, time-stamping, and session-based filtering on a keyword (search the payload of a packet for specific keyword match) or regular expression matching (search the payload for a pattern match). This is accomplished by a pair of powerful x86 processors that handle L5-7 filtering.

The platform is also used as a probe. We have Mobileprobe and FlowVista(Netflow). The EXA24160 can decode, track and identify the signalling protocols of various interfaces in the mobile core network. In this way, the EXA24160 can not only extract and restore the specified signalling but also guarantee the traffic integrity of the same session or user during the load balance process.

The EXA24160 is a next-generation network packet broker capable of filtering up to OSI Layer 7. The EXA24160 is an ideal device for applications that require protocol decoding and protocol correlation (e.g. SIP and RTP correlation; User Plane and Signalling Plane of mobile networks). This is especially true in high-bandwidth scenarios where one or more EXA24160s can be paired with Cubro’s advanced G5 packet brokers to effectively scale to multi-terabit per second traffic loads. Additionally, the EXA24160 offers critical features for Mobile Network Operators such as GTP tunnel stripping, GTP encapsulation, GTP load balancing, and IMSI filtering.

In order to continue meeting the demands of the customers, Cubro has decided to upgrade this unit by the end of 2019 which will allow it to handle three times the traffic with multiple 100 Gbit ports compared to its current capacity.

For more information about EXA24160, click here:


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