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Product News: Release of Product Update

Product News: Release of Product Update


Here's some important product news for EXA40/EXA24160 and EXA48600/EXA32100. The last software versions include several new features that improve our solutions further. Our latest product update is part of our ongoing effort to offer better and improved products to meet the needs of the changing network infrastructure.

EXA40/EXA24160 Version 1.6.2

Generic Header Stripping
By now the EXA40/EXA24160 supports a generic header stripping function. This function allows removing encapsulations by defining an offset (in Byte) and a length (in Byte). It is actually a very flexible function to handle complex encapsulated traffic. Recently, we have seen encapsulations from virtual environments like L3GRE-MPLS or GRE over UDP and these are rather difficult to handle. With the new "Generic Header Stripping" function our solutions are perfectly suited for this environment. Particular for OpenStack applications this is of growing interest for not only enterprise but also operator market.

The new "Generic Header Stripping" plus our functionality for decap of:

  • VLAN
  • MPLS
  • MAC in MAC
  • GRE
  • PPP
  • PPPoE
  • GTP

we have a very complete de-encap solution!

DCSP Filtering
Software Version 1.6.2 supports filtering by DSCP (=IP quality of Service) value. Filtering by DSCP is a good way to eliminate low priority traffic.

Payload Masking
Software Version allows masking the payload of a packet. Masking is working via an offset counted from the L4 header and a length in a byte. Moreover, the pattern that is overwriting the original payload is selectable by the user. This function has been demanded several times by security/finance related application. Here is the solution!

IMSI Wildcard filtering
Up to now, EXA40/EXA24160 support IMSI (and also MSISDN, IMEI) filtering for specific IMSIs. This means every IMSI that should be filtered requires a specific filter. With the new Version 1.6.2 the IMSI filtering function is greatly enhanced by supporting wildcard filtering. Wildcard filtering is a way to reduce the number of required filters as it allows to filter out full ranges of IMSIs with a single filter line.

VoIP URI Wildcard filtering
Similar to the "Wildcard IMSI Filtering" also the VoIP filtering/correlation got enhanced by a wildcard possibility. EXA40/EXA24160 SIP filtering is based on URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) that identifies the user. The URI format could get very complicated and it is difficult to define unique/full matching filters. The new wildcard filtering reduces this difficulty by only defining the clear parts of the URI while masking others.

VoIP Fax Message (T.38) correlation
Until now only voice calls were correlated by EXA40/EXA24160 but now also fax messages using T.38 protocol are correlated. Therefore, our solution does both voice as well as fax correlation.


EXA48600/EXA32100 Version 2.09 

Cubro EXA32100

Software version 2.09 adds another great function which further enhances our feature-set. The EXA versions of the G5 family supports an ASCII string match by using an offset and an ASCII value. E.g. allows to get http GET messages easily or filter out DNS queries by URL.


We're excited to unveil these updates and would love to hear your feedback. Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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