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Press Release: Cubro Invests in Modular Test Platform from VeEX

Cubro announced the purchase of MPA Multi-Protocol Analyzer from VeEX which is equipped with 3x 100G-AR modules and 2x Dual-10G. The analyzer supports up to 6 pluggable test modules which can be configured independently and operated simultaneously. The other highlights of the device include simultaneous and independent Multi-Port, Multi-Protocol, & Multi-User testing. The analyzer significantly reduces the amount of testing equipment, required footprint, and test time.

Network visibility provides clear insight into network data. By investing in the upgraded analyzer, Cubro continues to offer its customers' visibility solutions that deliver zero loss of packets.

"Network packet brokers are a core element of network visibility and therefore it is imperative that it delivers 100 per cent packet processing and 100 per cent network visibility. Cubro validates its equipment against the latest applications, traffic volumes, and user behaviour diversity", says Herbert Etlinger, Head of Technical Support, Cubro Network Visibility.

The thorough testing with VeEX Analyzer demonstrates that the packet processing performance of Cubro's network packet brokers does not leave any blind sport and delivers 100 per cent visibility across all network operating conditions tested. Cubro's highly efficient and reliable network packet brokers offer scalable solutions through applications like smart filtering based on higher layer - up to application layer (L7), monitoring, load balancing, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved operational efficiency and network performance.

About Cubro

Cubro Network Visibility offers a wide range of passive and secure network TAPs and packet brokers to connect the ever-growing number of monitoring tools to the production network. Cubro's products align the security and networking teams by creating a single view of the infrastructure and data. Learn more about Cubro at

About VeEX

VeEX® develops innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks. VeEX products blend advanced technology and vast technical expertise with the discerning measurement needs of customers. Learn more about VeEX at 

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