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Meet Cubro at MWC19 Barcelona

Meet Cubro at MWC19 Barcelona

Cubro Network Visibility, one of the leading vendors of network packet brokers, network TAPs and network probes, will participate at the MWC'19 Barcelona. From 25 until 28 February 2019, Barcelona will be buzzing with the largest mobile event in the world - MWC Barcelona. MWC will bring together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies. The event serves a diverse global audience by connecting broad technology industries to share, promote, and advance intelligent connectivity.

The complexity of today's networks requires a fully new approach for visibility tools due to two major issues - large overlay networks and virtualisation. Due to these complexities, simple tapping does produce useful results. Today the visibility infrastructure must interact with the network infrastructure to get all the information which is needed to filter on an overlay network that you want to monitor. And this is applicable not only for classical data centers but is also relevant for mobile networks. The mobile network today is an overlay in a data center. Therefore, layer 4 is not enough and termination tunnels are not enough. We need filtering up to L6, dynamic filtering of the tunnel endpoint, and much more to give the tools the correct information to work properly.

Today's networks are highly dynamic and therefore the visibility approach has to be also dynamic. This means the visibility infrastructure must interact with the network to follow the relevant service in the network. Meet us at the event and find out about our latest offerings – highly advanced network packet brokers and Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS). for the dynamic networks. It's an amazing opportunity to learn about our solutions that align the security and networking teams by creating a single view of the infrastructure and data.

Don't miss your opportunity to meet us at the event. Cubro will be at the APP-Planet Halle 8.1, Stand B61.

OR, schedule a personal meeting.

About Cubro Network Visibility

Cubro provides a comprehensive set of network visibility solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and performance-oriented. With products that enable total network visibility into your traffic, we can enhance and support deployments in the Telecommunications, ISP, Data Centre, Enterprise, and Government spaces whether it be in virtualized or physical environments. Cubro will assist you in bringing your network performance and security monitoring efforts to their peak level and unlock valuable insights into your network traffic. 

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