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How vital is network visibility in the education sector?

How vital is network visibility in the education sector?

As a network operator working on a campus in today's environment, it is quite a challenge to provide a consistent and reliable experience for all faculty, students, staff and guests. Each year there is a tremendous increase in bandwidth speeds, more and more devices are being added to the campus, and the internet is becoming more diverse than ever. According to the Global Internet Phenomena Report video accounts for 56% of all traffic on the internet; operators need visibility into which providers are dominating their network. Even more frightening is that 4K content streams are a drop in the bucket.

In the age of digital education, network visibility is key to delivering better IT services. The higher education institutions need greater insight into the network to deal with sluggish performance, unexpected outages, security issues, and network failures. Additionally, lowering the cost of the network infrastructure is also vital due to limited budgets.

Unmanaged network downtime can disrupt education because students need constant access to online study and research material. It can cause reputational damage to the educational institution, loss of staff productivity, and additional massive costs related to the remediation of the issue.

Educational institutions need tools for monitoring their infrastructure that are as dynamic as their networks. With network visibility solutions from Cubro, the institutions are able to provide better services and improve the QoE for the users.

Cubro Advantages:

  • Real-Time network visibility needed for performance monitoring
  • Smooth transition to next-generation networks
  • Enhanced functionality and capabilities in lower port count locations
  • Revenue savings are in the hardware and the intangibles like compromised security and man hours
  • Reduced MTTR
  • Proactive detection of advanced threats

Cubro network TAPs and packet brokers, not only monitor the performance of the network, but also have advanced features like load balancing, filtering, aggregating and packet slicing. As a customer-driven company, Cubro offers customised solutions which are best suited to your organisation. Being a European company, Cubro has an unrivalled global reputation for high-quality products. 

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