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GRE Termination arrives on the Cubro EXA

The latest firmware release (V2.0R11T007) for the Cubro EXA48600 and EXA32100 brings a highly requested feature, along with other refinements and stability improvements, to Cubro’s cutting-edge Packet Broker platform. Until now, the Cubro G5 Sessionmaster devices were able to strip GRE headers, however, they were not able to function as an actual GRE Tunnel Endpoint. With this new firmware release these units gain the capability to terminate GRE Tunnels. It is now possible to assign up to 16 IP addresses per physical port on the device, enabling the GRE Termination feature. Configuration is quite simple and drastically streamlined in comparison to the Packetmaster product line.

To configure a Cubro EXA48600 or EXA32100 Sessionmaster to function as a GRE endpoint go to the “Ports” menu tab and select “Interfaces”.

From the “Interfaces” screen choose the port that you wish to have the GRE traffic received on and click the “edit” icon.

Finally, in that port’s settings configure at least one IP address for the port and apply the new settings. As soon as this is done the port will begin sending out ARP packets to make itself visible on the network. The port will now terminate any GRE tunnels with that destination IP received.


Cubro is always looking for feedback and feature requests so that we can implement features, such as this one, to continually improve our product set and provide the best tools available to the people that use them.


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