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Cubro’s Debut at Cisco Live Barcelona 2019


At Cisco Live 2019 in Barcelona, Cubro team showcased its latest network visibility solution for the complex networks. The complexity of today's networks requires a fully new approach for visibility tools due to two major issues - large overlay networks and virtualisation. Due to these complexities, simple tapping does produce useful results.

Today the visibility infrastructure must interact with the network infrastructure to get all the information which is needed to filter on an overlay network that you want to monitor. And this is applicable not only for classical data centers but is also relevant for mobile networks. The mobile network today is an overlay in a data center. Therefore, layer 4 is not enough and termination tunnels are not enough. We need filtering up to L6, dynamic filtering of the tunnel endpoint, and much more to give the tools the correct information to work properly. 


The existing solution may not be radical. As a result, we researched and after two years of some exciting development, we would like to present – Cubro Cloud Switch (CSS). The Cubro Cloud Switch is a full featured switch based on Sonic with all hardware features like LB and DDoS protection and includes visibility features as well. In this case, the switch does application ID based filtering to follow the application when it's moving in the data center (when the application is breathing).




Cubro also announced its latest product Cubro EXA64100 - a full L7 featured network packet broker. EXA64100 will have all the exciting features of EXA32100 and some more additional features - telemetry data out of the NPB.



Cubro EXA64100 - L7 featured network packet broker
Stephan Grunske (L), winner of Cubro EX2 with Manfred Lang, VP Sales EMEA-Cubro


To sum up, the best security tools will not work accurately when the visibility tools are not providing the correct traffic. Just terminating a tunnel is far not enough. Today's networks are highly dynamic and therefore the visibility approach has to be also dynamic. This means the visibility infrastructure must interact with the network to follow the relevant service in the network.


We received great feedback from the enthusiastic booth visitors. It was gratifying to see customers understand the benefits of the solutions offered by Cubro. Congratulations to the lucky winner of EX2 and our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle. We would also like to thank our wonderful team and our partners Linq-IT and Alstor for doing a great job at the event.

Let us know if you were @ Cisco Live Barcelona 2019 as well! #CLEUR 

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