10. April 2018

Userplane IMSI filtering on high bandwidth

Monitoring userplane in LTE networks involves two problems - traffic growth/volume and legal issues …
2. April 2018

Save monitoring cost based on traffic filtering

Traffic on mobile networks is growing rapidly on a daily basis, and this is a big challenge for monitoring applications. Understanding technology costs is always a challenge for companies …
13. March 2018

Case Study: Massive two-tier load-balancing solution from Cubro

Challenge: The service provider wanted to do 6,5 to 7 TB session aware load balancing to a DPI application. However, the traffic was delivered asymmetric and over 90 x 100 Gbit links. Moreover, the traffic was from fixed net users and mobile users …
4. March 2018

GTP Load Balancing in Hardware with EXA32100

A report from Gartner states that communications service provider (CSP) network infrastructure is undergoing a radical transformation with the adoption of emerging technologies. Infrastructure and operations leaders must make crucial lifecycle decisions.
14. February 2018

Data enrichment for Geolocation application in Mobile networks

The provider is a leading company in Europe with more than 40 percent of the market share. It provides convergent communication solutions. The product portfolio includes Fixed line and mobile telephony, internet, IT services, IPTV, …
31. January 2018

Cost-effective Solution for layer 1 – Cubro Optical TAPs

These TAPs provide a simple but powerful way to conduct in-service monitoring of high-speed optical networks such as SDH/SONET/OTN and Ethernet up to 100 Gbit…
29. November 2017

Keyword and Regular Expressions Search

Keyword and regular expressions (Regex) search can be used as an easily adjustable form of deep packet inspection (DPI). This application allows the filtering engine to look deeper into packets. …
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