6. November 2018

Cubro Establishes Strong Presence at SharkFest’18 Europe

Cubro at Sharkfest 2018 in Europe - Cubro, one of the angel sponsors, during the event, showcased the most portable network packet broker EX2/EX2+. EX2 Series provides network visibility which is needed to have control of the network traffic …
25. October 2018

Press Release: Cubro Invests in Modular Test Platform from VeEX

Modular Test Platform from VEEX - Cubro announced the purchase of MPA Multi-Protocol Analyzer from VEEX which is equipped with 3x 100G-AR modules and 2x Dual-10G …
27. April 2018

Unveiling Cubro’s network management software

Cubro Vitrum is a versatile network management software that offers network topology visualisation. It can manage the scaling network architecture by providing features like single-click upgrades and backups, flexible visual overview and much more …
12. April 2018

Cubro Among the Fastest Growing European Companies

Cubro Network Visibility is among Europe's 1000 fastest-growing companies, according to the ranking from the UK-based Financial Times (FT). FT is one of the world's leading English-language business and economic newspapers …
22. March 2018

Introducing Cubro Optomat

Optical TAPs come across as simple passive devices, and generally, we tend not to talk much about them. However, this is not true because they have a significant role to play in the entire network architecture …
27. February 2018

Packet slicing in 100 Gbit line rate

Cubro announces packet slicing option with CRC recalculation on multiple 100 Gbit traffic per unit…
13. December 2017

Outlook towards tackling network challenges

Complexity is ever-increasing in many areas and computer networks are no exception…
20. November 2017

Cubro Announces Expansion In APAC

Cubro Network Visibility announces the opening of a new office in Singapore to further expand its footprints in Asia Pacific region. …
27. September 2017

Cubro’s New Probe Platform

Cubro Network Visibility recently announced a successful test of the new Probe platform based on 108 core ARM server.
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