Monitoring Approaches To Modern Overlay Networks

Virtual TAPs won’t provide you complete visibility into your network.
Learn more about how to get full visibility into overlay and underlay networks while maintaining data integrity.

Organisations need to evolve their network infrastructure to remain relevant in the Cloud Era. Network Automation is a long-lasting trend in our industry because networks are becoming bigger and more complex. However, until now visibility solutions are typically not automated. Why? Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro Network Visibility will host a Webinar on Jul 11 at 1 pm (EST) to talk about the overlay networks and visibility solutions for such networks.

  • Attendees to the session will learn the following:

  • 1. What are overlay networks?
  • 2. Why Virtual TAPs can’t provide the complete visibility into your network?
  • 3. Need for visibility automation
  • 4. Solutions from Cubro for future networks

Presenter: Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro Network Visibility

Duration: 60 mins (including last 10 mins for Q&A)

Date and Time: July 11, 2019 at 1 pm (EST)


Christian Ferenz

Seats are limited.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Team Cubro

About Christian Ferenz

Christian started his entrepreneurial journey as a measurement instrumentation distributor in 2003 and soon realized that there was a market for producing better network monitoring solutions.

Along with some of his business partners, Christian established Cubro and started developing TAPs and Packet Broker lines. Within a few years, the company spread its wings in the international market. Today, Cubro is among the leading vendors of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and partner of the world’s largest Telcos and Enterprises with installations on all continents. Christian believes that continuous innovation is the key to remaining relevant to the customers.

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