Cubro Vitrum Management Suite

Vitrum is Cubro’s centralised management platform offering the often sought after “single pane of glass” for administering Cubro devices. Vitrum improves the network teams efficiency with a breadth of features for managing, monitoring, and alerting all in one multi-user application. Vitrum incorporates asset discovery and inventory features that simplify these tasks even as network architecture scales. Vitrum features interactive network maps that allow the user to map their topology and get visual feedback on the state of network links as well as per-port bandwidth speeds; combined with centralised alerting the network team can identify and remediate potential problems more quickly. Additionally, Vitrum provides a centralised location for one-click configuration backups and deployment as well as scheduled firmware upgrades reducing the required time needed for provisioning devices and shortening the duration of scheduled maintenance windows.

Cubro Centralised Management Platform
Vitrum also brings a new level of data acquisition and visualisation by integrating the open-source applications of Kibana and Grafana giving network teams the capability of designing custom dashboards to monitor their visibility infrastructure according to their needs.


Network Centralised Device Management Platform

Enhance your business efficiency with Cubro Vitrum

  • A centralised device management platform to visualise your entire network topology in just a few clicks
  • Detect any devices connected on the same network
  • Create interactive maps for any segment or sub-segment of your network and get detailed information on all devices within the selected area
  • Visualise your data using third-party tools Grafana and Kibana, along with performing real-time collaborations with your members
  • Remotely manage your network, schedule automatic upgrades, monitor events, such as errors, happening within your infrastructure
  • Devices on your network can either be added automatically using a network scan or manually via their IP address
  • Can be deployed on virtual machines or even locally within the network, making it extremely easy to scale across your organisation
  • Backup and restore any Cubro Packetmaster device or copy its configuration, with just a single click
  • Forget about keeping track of individual IP addresses - visualise your entire network in just a glance with Cubro Vitrum