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Big Data in Network Operators

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Big Data is a buzzword all over the world. Service Providers believe that big data will play a critical role. What are the possibilities of big data analytics and how can big data help service providers on a daily base?

There has been an unprecedented growth in the network traffic and service providers are facing several problems every day due to the cost pressure, customer complaints, compatibility problems and many more. Service providers must find efficient ways to correlate all data sources.

In the past up to now a service provider runs typically a bunch of monitoring system, and has hundred database with often overlapping data, from different sources or the same source. The entire data silo is not consolidated because of technical issues and cost. Besides these issues, operating all the data silos is also a big cost driver.

Big Data is a tool to consolidate all these different platforms to one Big Data Storage (not a database). Data sources can be network elements, server logs, and passive probes.

But Big Data is not the solution. It is only a tool that makes a solution possible.

Passive probing is one core competence of Cubro. The phenomenal growth of data requires that the service provider industry understands the use of Big Data. Cubro, unlike most other vendors, focuses on agnostic approach. We focus on providing meta data unlike selling BI and Reports. Cubro Probe is highly reliable and offers best performance. In addition, we offer our customers reduced TCO.

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Saturday, 22 September 2018