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Monitor and analyse your data with a high-performance solution from Cubro

The current status of the network monitoring practice is often a combination of large-scale routine data collection from network elements plus sporadic and local fine-grain measurement actions. The prerequisite to fully exploit the potential of the network traffic is the availability of an advanced monitoring infrastructure.

Cubro's product portfolio includes resilient network TAPs, intelligent network packet brokers and high performance network Probes. Network Probes can analyze and process the network business and signalling in real time. The Probes can improve network quality, promote the user perception and strengthen the information security. The typical applications of a Probe include business analytics, service assurance, business assurance, security assurance and service performance. The Cubro Probes support all 2G/3G/4G/5G Interfaces and approx. 1000 DPI protocols for application detection.

How does the Cubro Probe work?

Cubro Probe receives network traffic from TAP networks or span ports (passive). The Probe decodes the traffic up to layer 7 and extracts meta information. It correlates this decoded information and generates XDRs (extended data records). The XDRs are sent to a database system where they are stored and presented by an Application. This Application is called typical Monitoring System.

 Cubro Probe Advantages

  • Converts real-time network traffic to metadata
  • Get complete access to your data
  • Provides native support to any Big Data infrastructure
  • Has highest performance in the industry
  • Provides mobile and fixed net solution
  • DPI, Flow monitoring, Probing solution, Mobile XDR

What makes Cubro Probe different?

  • The Probes are based on a multicore Cavium/Arm CPU
  • The Probes consumes much less power than Intel-based solution with the same performance
  • The Probe performance ranges from 10 Gbps up to 200 Gbps
  • No moving parts
  • 1 U and 2 U form factor
  • Agnostic to any 3rd party presentation systems
  • UDP XDR output (dissector for Wireshark available)
  • UDP to TCP converter available for long backhaul applications

Cubro Probe Solution – All from one source

The future vision of an advanced network monitoring foresees monitoring tools that are capable of performing a routine collection of fine-grain measurements in the large-scale, completely decoupled from the production network and which can cleverly process the recently collected data and deliver reports and alarms proactively. Cubro Network Visibility offers the full stack in monitoring from Layer 1 (TAP) to aggregation (NPB) to load balancing to the Probe and middle ware to data storage. Cubro is the only Vendor which supports all layers of monitoring in one firm. We know that the probing and the visibility layers must be integrated to give better performance and reduce the cost.

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Friday, 19 April 2019